The Toys

dsc_0328Electro Toy Co. toys are part toy, part handicraft, and 100% handmade by the Toymaster himself in Maine. This site has a few examples of what we can make for you, but really, anything is possible. Toys range from electronic reaction timers, to Arduino-based synthesizers, to bartop retro arcade cabinets. Each toy is crafted to your custom needs, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. New items are being added all the time so check back often.

Feel free to explore the toys and contact us with any questions at all! Thanks for looking.

What I Am Working On

Blitzdetektor 1.0

Lightning Detector: Somehow it sounds cooler in German! With the closure of my local Makerspace, and the fact that my family and I are living with the inlaws for the summer, Electro Toy Co.’s legion of Research Lab Technicians have been on limited duty. But, the Making must continue… Recently I acquired a cool little […]


While my Mom and other valiant citizens were marching for Science, myself and other Makers were doing our part promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) to the locals here in Portland. Despite having giant, puffy, pollen-soaked eyeballs (it’s allergy season here in Maine), Electro Toy Co. had a wonderful time at the Makers@PPL Maker […]

Hello, World, for real

It’s official: Electro Toy Co., LLC, is a registered, legal corporation in the state of Maine! It was exciting to receive the official documents from the Secretary of State saying I have a Charter Number, and a legal name, signed by the Secretary herself. Well, the Deputy. Still, super cool! It is my first foray […]

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